Products and systems

As thin as is necessary, as hardwearing as possible: micro layer corrosion protection systems need to satisfy the toughest requirements. Between 1 and 18 µm in thickness, they are primarily employed where high performance corrosion protection is utilised in a functional manner - and where there is a particular requirement for it.

Because despite the thinness of the layer, the requirements placed on coating systems today extend far beyond pure corrosion protection. In this, DELTA-MKS® systems are just as ideally suited for the coating of screws as they are for springs and clips. Even for the finishing of galvanic surfaces, Dörken MKS-Systeme offers such a broad portfolio of products that you can find the optimal one-stop solution for any task.

On the following pages you can discover which product is best suited to your requirements - and what else we can do to help you.